Monday, November 30, 2009

I've decided to start selling my artwork on a "made to order" basis.  It's time I did more with my talents! I specialize in handmade books: journals, wedding books for pictures and/or guests, baby books, family photo albums. I also make handmade mermaid dolls for little girls. I will be posting pictures soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks Kathy and Heather! And Kathy, you're so psychic it's incredible! Yes, I'm pregnant unexpectedly! I'm the new addition to the Jones side and will bring up the tail end of the babies being born in summer time. I'm the super caboose! I haven't been to the doctor yet and am just a few weeks along. I'm sympathizing with Heather though with some nice "green nausea" as I've heard it called. Haven't puked though, just the thought of some particular foods makes me go "gagggghhh....oh....eeeuuhhh." haha. That's the update! Feel free to tell the cousins! I know you have better contact with them than me, Love you two mucho!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So it's been about 4 months since the last post! What's happened? Barack Obama is president, post-um is officially off the shelves, I got MARRIED! And it's fabulous. I started reading the biography of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most inspiring artists to me. Did you know that on one of his last papers showing a formula for geometry he wrote, "perche la minesstra si fredda." Which actually means he has left off writing 'because the soup is getting cold'. haha. I thought that was great. He died a year later and never wrote more on the geometry formula again. I'm glad for it personally because I'm not a big fan of geometry, and if he'd finished it, they'd probably use it to torture us in math class. I got a job in the Downeast in the mall in Logan and have been offered a position at the one by Old Navy too! That was really nice to hear. It's great to be wanted and more than wanted, actually to be needed. Printmaking class is sweet. We're using color on our next project and I'm doing an old barn with a pigmy goat. The idea came from a friend's mission story. One of his companions was from the boonies in Idaho and apparantly, he was "raised on the tits of a she goat" because his mother couldn't breast feed him. hahaha. So that's the theme and title, "He was raised on the tits of  a she-goat." Hopefully I'll post a pic of it when I'm finished. It'll be a few weeks. I'm excited for all my cousins who are prego currently! Crazy. I have a secret but won't tell for a little while. Love you all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Long time no write-E!

A very big apology to Kathy and Heather! You have probably given up on the Mirm's Nook. But, I'm back! At least for tonight! Life goes and goes. It'd be great if you could slice it into pieces and preserve the best parts for when you wanted them. I think I heard of a pill once...fact or fiction...not sure....but if taken it would allow you to relive any memory you wished and it would seem as real as your breakfast cereal! I don't know if I agree with could probably go horribly wrong. But it's interesting concept isn't it? Switching gears...who are you voting for? I feel like the politics this year are all out of control. Sometimes I am scared about it, other times I try to forget it. When I try to take it head on I get confused and switch back and forth for various reasons. I like what Moroni had to say on his title of liberty. It'd be great if we could send that around and get people to rally and support it.
Anyway..for some Mirm gossip, I'm dating a 25 yr old r.m. (Mexico City, Mexico mission). His name is Paul Trappett. We met at the beginning of school and have been seeing each other for a while now! It's going good and I have to say it's always nice to have someone you like like you back! Perks include: He always opens the door for me, car and wherever we go. I like the old-fashioned type. He lets me know I'm important to him and I'm special! Gotta love that kind of respect. If you want more details, you'll have to wait!
School is great. I love my painting class and printmaking class. I especially love the painting class because I get "in the zone" while working. You forget about everything and escape somewhere peaceful in your mind. That's the best I can do to explain it.
I took a drive up the canyon with my dad to burn some documents and that was a great time. The colors were so beautiful! If you have some time it's worth just driving up there to see it around 6:30 to 7ish while the sun is setting. It really makes the colors more vibrant at that time of day.
I also have a good english class this semester. I think I'm going to post my personal narrative essay when I have a little time so you can comment on it. I need so help in revision because I want to submit it for a contest!
Tomorrow is my mission reunion! I can't believe it's almost General Conference. I've been reading this months Ensign and have felt such comfort from it. I was really feeling down about the world and our country's situation. We really are in a pickle! I think this has been the best Ensign ever for me! I really enjoy having the Holy Ghost present in my life. I think it is really the greatest gift I have every received.
How is everyone else out there? Have you had any neat spiritual experiences lately?
I've been trying to work on being a missionary. I was even called as a Ward Missionary! Paul is the WML...crazy..haha. I have a few attempts at inviting people but I wouldn't call it complete or a success yet. I hope to follow-up. I need to make plans!
Love you all!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh man...what did I do?

My oh my! So here's how it all started....after 3 hours of slicing meat at Quiznos I headed home with a strong resolve to run 9 miles as training for the half marathon on August 23rd. I took a route from my house down 4th north and out to Providence to Mar and Phil's new house (it ended up being only 6 1/2 miles so that was a dissapointment!) But I came home and ate some dinner because I was starving and of course squoze in some dessert! Unfortunately something bad happened in my innards and I was awake all night with pain and running to the throne! Today same beef! I just called in sick and am slumped in our office chair writing this to pull a little sympathy from the only two people that read this blog. lol. Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I went to Lagoon today with Aunt Mel and some of the best cousins in the world! We swam and rode the BEST and BIGGEST rides, some of which were entirely new to me! I couldn't believe how small the place seemed. It used to seem gigantic when I was smaller. My legs would get so tired walking around...maybe that was because my mom is a speed walker 24/7! Who knows. My all time favorite ride is the Flying Ace. I can't say why really, I just love it! It's not bumpy and not too frightening or jolting. It's just kind of laid back and the wind feels great. There were a few funny moments throughout the day: Number one would have to be Wil going to the bathroom and coming back with a wet spot on his shirt in just the right place....haha. He told us it was from the drinking fountain and turned pink. What a character! Ali squoze my hand SOOO tight during the Terroride I thought I might not get it back! It's funny because she led Wil and I to both of the "scary" rides although she couldn't stop telling us how much manicans (sp?) and zombies creeped her out. And Paige is Paige! She acts like she's one of my 22 year old friends! I love them all together-it's great to feel so comfortable around family. Mel also let me borrow this book she bought at the Fair called "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, illustrated by Jacqueline Chwast. I loved it! I wonder if you could get it online. The illustrations are so great! I feel inspired and want to copy every square inch of it. And just for the record: Nate should know that the very last page says, "I guess I don't know why I like you really.....Why do I like you....I guess I just like you......I guess I just like you......Because I like you"......but it wasn't so much the text that struck me as did the illustration! There's a picture of a boy tied up in a rope while there's a sweet looking girl spooning him some dessert!!! I laughed at that for quite some time!
Last week I was leaning toward art restoration as a career, but today, I think I changed my mind to illustration. Can I just say how confusing and crazy it is to be in this stage of my life? I've never felt it so much before. Does anyone have any advice about gaining some stability?